Branding’s objective is to ensure that the promise your organization makes is the experience others have . Marketing is the obvious companion to branding. It finds the people who matter to you, listens to them, and draws them closer. It explains and demonstrates what your brand stands for, what you do, how you are different, and why others should care. Whether on a shoe-string, or a bigger budget, I share smart, down-to-earth ideas that I’ve seen work effectively.

FUNDRAISING (Campaigns, Proposals, Grant Writing, Events)
Fundraising is giving people an opportunity to make a difference in an area they care about, in exchange for an investment. Having worked on a successful $500 million capital campaign, large and small fundraising events, and having written hundreds of proposals and grants, and awarded thousands of grants, I’ve learned ways to get to “yes” and that “no” doesn’t end there.

A strong organization needs a vital mission, clear lines of accountability, reliable and diverse revenue streams,

high-quality programs and services, resilience, and the ability to effectively share your impact with others.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT (Nonprofit, Tours/Excursions)
Programs are where the rubber meets the road. They need to align with your mission, be scalable to funding and circumstances, and achieve your desired impact. I share my expertise in shaping thoughtful, fully-developed programs tied to measurable results.

Determining a clear mission and vision is no small feat. My job is to ask tough questions and share ideas to help you clarify what it is you truly want to accomplish and how. 

Donors want to know their investment has made a difference in the area they care about. Clearly communicating the good work you are doing helps beneficiaries, volunteers, partners, donors, funders and other supporters understand and engage with your organization.

I help you craft ways to evaluate your effectiveness and share your stories.